Glades County School District

Administrative Services

Administrative Services Department

  • Administrative Services

    Jim Brickel:  Director of Administrative Services

    Jacque Drapal:  Administrative Professional

  • Adult Education

    Ms Christie Croskey: Adult Education Teacher

    Ms. Bertha Toledo:  Adult Education Teacher

  • Food and Nutrition Services

    Judy McGee: Food and Nutrition Services Manager at Moore Haven Elementary School

    Donna Yates: Food and Nutrition Services Manager at Moore Haven Middle High School

    Melanie Seales: Food and Nutrition Services Manager at West Glades School

  • Instructional Technology

    Frank Maznicki- Supervisor of Instructional Technology
  • Maintenance

    Al Brown-  Supervisor of Maintenance
  • School Safety

    A division of Administrative Services
  • Transportation Services

    Doug Manke: Supervisor of Transportation

Adult Education Curriculum Frameworks

Are We There Yet? Staying Safe Between Home and School

Career and Technical Education

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Controlled Open Enrollment Application

Emergency Procedures

Glades Truancy Program

Threat Assessment Guidelines-Special Thanks to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services